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Welcome to Africa Health Organisation (AHO) - (Protecting health in Africa)

  Early diagnosis

We are modernising Africa's diagnosis equipment, technology, process and procedure in line with international standards for first class and efficient service.

Clinical trials

  AHO is at the forefront of clinical trials across Africa in the field of medical care. Medical research is one of our core area in a bid to understand diseases and find solution.

  Better treatment

Prevention is better than cure as the old adage goes. We believe that early diagnosis and prevention are at the centre of our work in order to reduce the number of people added on renal therapies.

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14 Nov 2018

World Diabetes Day

Posted by admin in Events

  Diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney failure with over 30% of new cases on dialysis being caused by diabetes. Kidney failure is a long term complication of diabetes as it affects organs such as heart, kidneys,feet and eyes. Diabetes is on the rise in Africa affecting the young and old. Lifestyle changes and rapid increase in fast foods in Africa are contributing factors. AFREKID plans to commemorate the day with awareness of the complications of diabetes on kidneys. Events are planned across Africa.

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1 Dec 2018

World AIDS Day

Posted by admin in Events

HIV/AIDS and kidney disease is an area which has not been explored or put on the agenda. According to statistics from some kidney dialysis units, every month, a quarter of patients have HIV or AIDS and this affect dialysis modality and quality of life.

25 Dec 2018

Santa for a kidney

Posted by admin in News

AHO will be working with Santa to encourage people to donate kidney for transplantation this year. Santa for a kidney is the campaign planned for December and Christmas celebration this year will be for giving someone a new lease of life and encouraging families to have open discussion.

12 Mar 2018

World Kidney Day 2018

Posted by admin in Events

Preparations are underway for World Kidney Day on Thursday 12 March 2018. AHO is planning to hold seminars, street marcches, public lectures and debates, carnivals and screening across Africa. Members are encouraged to submit their proposals on time to be included in mega event calendar.