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Efficient health care

Our goal is to provide the best possible care in the most efficient manner, and we are continually working to improve and we are committed to patient care and safety.

Emergency health services

Our emergency services provide a comprehensive package for all patients with all forms of acute and chronic kidney disease. The clinics are open 24/7 across regions.

Diagnostic laboratory services

Our services

Cutting-edge of medical research

We are now the leader in medical research in Africa and our aim is to translate cutting edge research and innovation into life saving outcomes. Our ultimate goal is to pioneer new forms of scientific investigation in causes of kidney diseases and finding solution to better treatment options.

Diagnosis, testing, scanning

Our diagnostic tools and systems are the hub for detecting kidney disease and are under one roof. They provide the opportunity for quick and efficient system for meeting standards on patient service and care. We have the best qualified professionals delivering service in diagnosis.

Additional services


Funding groups and Friends of AHO are groups that meet to support the work of AHO and raise funds for our work and medical research. We are always looking for people to come and join and help support our work so that we can continue to provide service and care.

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Patient associations and support groups give the patients the voice and the platform to meet and discuss issues that they face. We have over hundered patients support groups and associations across Africa with each country having a national association that represents the interest of all.

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Carers are at the heart of our patient care and service. AHO recognises the contribution from relatives, friends and guardians who look after kidney patients. In Africa, looking after someone is considered as a duty and is therefore not recognised and does not recieve attention.

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